Premium Metal Roofing


The show home program is on again! Join our show home program and save thousands of dollars on your new roof! 

Not only will you save thousands but you will also increase the value of your home significantly!

In competitive markets we have seen customers gain back the entire roof investment and more are well as sell the home faster because of the transferable warranty.

Call today to see if you are eligible for the show home savings!


Longest Warranty Available. 

Durable to stand all mother nature can throw at it.

Adds great value to home!

Save with our Show Home Program 

Cost per year savings is 20% less than traditional roofs


We have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from!

(scrolling images of colors and styles)THIS COULD BE YOUR NEW PREMIUM METAL ROOF

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Premium Metal Roof! Call today to see a Show home near you!

When you become a Solaris Show Home we provide you with a discount on material and installation. 

Not only do you get the most durable roof and nicest looking roof on the market today but you are also saving you thousands of dollars!


We provide an estimate for your Premium Metal Roof based on your address. 

With the address of your existing home we are able to visually map your roof and calculate the cost to install your premium metal roof.

If this is new construction we will need to see plans to provide an estimate. 


We offer a 100% financing option.

Never need to roof again! Our premium metal roofing system is designed to last a lifetime.

This investment will add substantial value to your home and can be a game changer to your home selling over other similar homes. 

The thought of a 50 warrantied roof could put you over the top in a competitive market.

Roofing is expensive. When you compare the cost of roofing with traditional roofing material and our premium roofing you will see an estimated savings of 20% over these other materials!

By offering this financing option you are able to defer most of the costs to the time of sale or simply pay a portion of it over time.