Ontario Roofing Price Comparison

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Here we break down 3 common roofing solutions.

Selecting the right roofing product for your home is a balance between roofing cost today, value of resale, over cost over the long term.

Traditional Asphalt Shingles : $7

1200 sq ft = estimated price $8,700
60 bundles of architectural shingles (each bundle will cover ~33 ft2)
Tear Off & Haul-away Estimate ($3,000)
RE Roof life expectancy estimate 10-15 years

50 Year Cost estimate ($35,100)

*Impact potential at sale 10 year old roof -$20,000

Entry Level RibSteel Roofing : $11

RE Roof life expectancy is 15-30 years based on maintenance upkeep
1200 sq ft = estimated price $13,200
Wood strapping Over existing roof with exposed fastener system

50 Year Cost estimate ($26,400)

*Impact potential at sale 10 year old roof +$0 to +$20,000

Premium Metal Shingle style : $17

Re Roof life expectancy is 100 years….maintenance free
1200 sf = estimated price $16,800
Direct to Deck Metal installation with hidden fasteners & True Lifetime Paint

50 Year Cost estimate ( $20,400 )

*After 10 years this metal roof increases
Home value 7-10% at resale according to OREA (Ontario real estate association)
Lifetime warranty that transfers from homeowner to homeowner

*Impact potential at sale 10 year old roof +$40,000 on and $800,000 home

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*Prices are estimates based on 1200sf roof. Resale impacts are estimated values based on available data.

**More complex roof lines, pitch and equipment requirements for proper roof install and removal are factors we will address in the estimate.

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Ontario Roofing costs are based on a number of factors, the roofs complexity, number of peaks/valleys and the number of floors of the home all will have some impact on the final price. Here we have broken down the roofing price based on the square footage and material options. With metal roofing material and its longevity we also have increased resale value to consider.

We leave the choice to you on which material you want to install on your residential or commercial roof.

Which is the right roofing material for you?

Many factors come into consideration when choosing the right roofing material. Time you have been in the home time you plan to be in the home. Payment options available are all factors. When you call your Solaris roofing professional will help walk you through the various options and help you make the right roofing choice.

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