Metal Roof Pricing

Some basic pricing considerations for a premium metal roof. They initial cost is more that other current roofing materials in market but the Return on the investment really cant be beat. 


This roof can set your home apart from the rest of the market. If you are considering a premium metal roof for your home please feel free to call us for a Free Estimate.


The example prices below are based on a small to average size home with few peaks. 

 Durability EstimatereplacementsAvg Priceremoval costsestimated 50 year cost
Traditional Roofing10 years6$7,0002000$54,000
Standing Seam20 years3$14,0003000$51,000
Premium Metal50+ years1$20,0000$20,000



Home Value estimated increase of transferable warranty$40,000

What is rarely factored into a cost estimate is the removal of the current roofing material and disposal. then when we look at the number of roofs the home will needs over the coming years the saving and perceived value of your home starts to go way up!