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Counter Craft LLC


CCLLC  will perform the template, fabrication and installation of your countertop. In order to make this a successful process and experience for you, your participation is needed. 

PLEASE ENSURE THAT: Homeowner or designated representative over 18 years of age or older must be present during the entire template process. Homeowner or designated representative of 18 years of age or older must be present at the beginning and end of installation. This person must approve all completed work and sign off on a completion certificate signifying all work has been done to their satisfaction. CCLLC will not proceed without a person of authority present, cabinets installed correctly, and drywall/wall finishes are complete. 

If these or any of the below preparation requirements are not met, an additional trip charge may be applied and an appointment to reschedule will be made. The charge for an additional trip is $200. 


• CCLLC will contact homeowner within 3 business days of receipt of order to schedule template appointment. 

• If installing new cabinets: all base cabinets, doors and drawer fronts, support panels, etc. must be permanently set/level and secured to the wall/floor. All plumbing and electrical work is the responsibility of the homeowner. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge for a return trip. 

• All cabinets must be permanently fixed, installed and level to within 1/8″ on a 9 ft. run. CCLLC will not be responsible for leveling cabinets. Please ensure that all end panels, finish caps, tangential walls, and trim pieces are permanently installed before template. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge for the return trip. Trim for gap underneath or above countertops is by OTHERS. 

• If using existing cabinets-all existing any leveling, structural repair, plumbing or electrical work is the responsibility of the homeowner. Cabinets should be cleared and all items removed from under the sink prior to template. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge for the return trip. 

• Parking must be provided by customer on template and installation day. If CCLLC is asked to halt work due to HOA noise requirements, hours, etc., an additional trip charge may be applied to complete installation at another time. It is your responsibility to inform CCLLC at the time of template scheduling of any HOA restrictions and/or covenants regarding noise, hours etc. 

• All new or existing sinks, faucets, cooktops and stoves that shall be installed will need to be onsite at the time of template. All required products, cutout information and/or product templates are to be given to CCLLC at the time of template. If appliances require modifications to cabinets, it is the responsibility of the homeowner.  

• If you are purchasing a non-CCLLC, under mount sink: please make sure the sink fits the INSIDE measurement of the cabinet. 

24” cabinet – 19” sink max., 30” cabinet – 24.5” sink max., 36” cabinet – 31.5” sink max. 

• All farm sinks, that will be under mounted, must be installed/secured to the cabinetry prior to the template. Plumbing should not be hooked up to the sink prior install. 

• Full height backsplash (those that run the entire space between the countertop surface and the bottom of the wall cabinets) may require to be measured after the countertop installation to ensure accuracy. CCLLC shall determine this at the time of initial template.

• Removal of existing countertops may expose unpainted or unfinished walls or cabinet areas which may not be fully covered by the new countertop installation. Homeowner assumes the responsibility for patching holes, painting, tiling, and/or replacing trim on newly exposed surfaces and it is recommended to wait until after your new countertops are installed to do any work on newly exposed areas not covered by your new countertops. 

• Existing countertops must be removed prior to install date by others unless CCLLC is contracted to perform tear-out and disposal of existing countertops. All existing sinks, faucets and appliances must be unattached and uninstalled prior to install date. Existing backsplash demo can be done by CCLLC but all sheetrock repair is the responsibility of the Homeowner.

• If CCLLC performs a tear-out of existing countertop, CCLLC is not responsible for leveling the existing cabinets if found to be out of level. 

• At the time of template, if there are any deviations from the original project specifications, CCLLC will notify the customer with any changes due to specification changes, additions, subtractions or variations in square footage. CCLLC will not proceed with work until so notified by Owner. 

• Changes may result in the rescheduling of the installation date. The new installation date may be up to 10 working days* from the time CCLLC receives approval from customer to proceed. Approval time to proceed varies depending upon your approval and payment for the change order. 

• If additional template trips are required due to any changes or person of authority not present at template appointment, the installation may be delayed and customer will be required to pay a trip charge associated with the need to re verify template at the jobsite. 

• After template completion, all project details will be considered final and CANNOT be changed. 

• CCLLC shall confirm template and installation appointments 1 to 2 business days prior. Actual installation time shall vary depending on factors such as jobsite conditions, project complexity, acts of nature or power outages.

 • Please have all pets secured during template appointment & installation dates. Please keep children clear of work area. 


• All sinks must be made available to the fabricator for precise cutting. CCLLC is not responsible for any situations where plumbing has been reconnected before job completion. Please note the job cannot continue without sink being available at time of template. 

• Prior to installation, please cover anything you want to protect. 

• Access to water and electricity is required so CCLLC can complete any detailing required. This will result in some dust, so please take precautions to cover anything you want to protect. 

• Any debris created by CCLLC will be removed and disposed of by CCLLC. Homeowner is responsible for any debris removal and disposal not created by CCLLC. 

• All seam locations are determined by CCLLC and they reserve the right to place seams in the most structurally sound locations. Seam locations are determined after a detailed review by CCLLC and are not determined at the time of template. 

• Cook-tops will need to be disconnected. Ranges and refrigerators may have to slide out if the space is too tight. Ranges and Refrigerators should be moved out of their cabinets to allow the installers free access to all countertop edges. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to move and/or disconnect all appliances. If CCLLC has to move appliances CCLLC will not be responsible for scratches on floors or damages of any kind.

• Make sure all pathways are clear of any obstructions. Countertops are heavy and require a clear and safe path to maneuver them during installation. 

• Waste material which results from the fabrication process cannot be provided to or left with the customer, due to sharp edges of this unfinished product. Only fabricated, permanently installed product will be left in the home. 

• All final prep, sheetrock, drywall/wall finishes, and detail work not associated with the countertop installation are the responsibility of the homeowner. Backsplash or countertops will not be caulked to the sheetrock.

• Allow 24 hours for all silicone and/or caulking to cure prior to countertop use. 

• Please wait minimum 24 hours to plumb under mount sinks. 

• Upon completion of your new countertop installation, you will be asked to sign a completion certificate. It is the responsibility of the home owner to inspect work thoroughly and bring any concerns immediately to the attention of the installers. It is our goal to deliver quality products and services. Your satisfaction is of highest importance. 

• Countertops have to be installed within 90 days of template completion. 


• Prior to template, order can be cancelled and refunded.

• Orders cancelled after templating but prior to production will be subject to $225 template fee. 

• No cancellations after production and or installation. 

Counter Craft LLC


To ensure that your experience is a success we are providing the following information to you regarding your Custom Countertop purchase. 

These Terms & Conditions provide you with the necessary information and items that need to be completed and addressed prior to your scheduled template date, the installation of your new Custom Countertops and after installation instructions.